Know the Best Options to Dispose of a Mattress

Know the Best Options to Dispose of a Mattress

You will experience the struggle of getting rid of an old mattress at least once in your lifetime. No matter whether it’s an old bed full of gunk or the thousand-dollar bed, finding a place for a mattress you no longer want can be challenging.

Even the tedious mattress disposal or Albuquerque junk removal seems easier if you know where to go and how to go about it. Here we have provided a few mattress removal options before you attempt to toss your mattress out with the trash.

Analyze the Current Condition of Your Mattress

Before tossing your mattress into the trash, check the tag at the foot of the mattress for the manufacturing date. In case of a missing tag, call the manufacturer directly and give them the model or series number to get the manufacturing date. After looking into the manufacturing date, consider replacing it only if it is older than ten years. Yes, we all know that age isn’t everything. So, look for the below signs of wear before you try to throw away your mattress.

  • Rips
  • Stains
  • Frayed edges
  • Compression

Different Options to Dispose of Your Old Mattress

Donate It

If your mattress doesn’t have much wear, then don’t get rid of it. Especially, if your mattress is five or six years old, it could still be useful to someone else.  So, make simple research to find someone among your friends or relatives who may be looking for an extra mattress, or simply want to replace their current one.

You can also send your gently used mattress to nonprofit organizations and institutions that are looking for old mattresses with decent wears.

Recycle Mattresses

When you think that the old mattress you have is not suitable for donation, you can recycle it. Some states have certain mattress recycling policies to recycle mattresses at varying costs.

Throw Away the Mattresses

In your State, if you couldn’t find any recycling center near you, simply throw out your mattress. But, this is not as easy as dripping your junk on the curb. Mattress removal becomes a pain in your neck when municipal trash collection services won’t accept them. Because the rules and regulations vary depending on the weight of the mattress and the variety of materials used to manufacture it. Check with your local junk removal in Albuquerque NM to see if they offer mattress removal as part of their bulk junk removal service.

How to Dispose of Mattress in Local Area

Dumpster Rental

Based on the regulations of your state or local government, you may be able to dispose of your mattress through a dumpster rental service. Depending on the local disposal fees charged by the landfill or transfer station, additional disposal fee may apply.

Local Landfills

Nowadays, local landfills allow mattresses to be dropped off directly without any restrictions but incur additional charges.

Junk Removal

Hire a junk removal in Albuquerque to safely dispose or recycle the mattress. Depending on the size and material, the rates may vary.

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