Construction Waste! Effective Junk Removal with Junk Happens Minneapolis

Construction Waste! Effective Junk Removal with Junk Happens Minneapolis

Constructing your new home or renovating the one you are living in, is so exciting. But there are negative sides in anything we do. And the one guaranteed chore with every construction work is the accumulation of trash. Yes, once you begin the process of construction, junk starts adding up. There will be construction debris all around you, and it becomes overwhelming when you have to clean it up. Hiring junk removal Minneapolis will lessen your work. The skilful professional will take the trash off your hands with heavy lifting and hauling.

All your construction zones will be taken care of, and you can focus on your work. Let us help you know the value of construction debris removal before you start the construction process.

Below is a list of hazardous materials that may need to be eliminated during the construction process:

  • Aerosol can
  • LED lights
  • Paint buckets
  • Dust from removing old building structures
  • Treated wood

The junk removal in Minneapolis with Junk Happens, will help you clean all of this type of waste. They provide a professional solution that follows all the safety codes.

What does the junk removal Minneapolis MN do with the construction waste collected from you?

Yes, it is your responsibility to know where your waste materials go once they are taken away from you. You should not relax that the waste has left your yard. Think about your environment, and you are responsible for the surroundings you live in. Before hiring junk removal MN enquires about how they handle the waste taken from you must be done.


The best junk removal Minneapolis will recycle your junk, and that is one of the best ways to handle waste. Your waste may be someone’s treasure. Without ditching all the scraps, you can recycle them. For instance, the bricks which are durable for an extended period can be recycled and used.


Some materials can be reused. For instance, windows and doors in reasonable conditions may substitute for a new product. These can be donated or sold for use in another project. Products which cannot be effectively eliminated can be reused. Some effective strategies to reuse useful materials should be practiced. Instead of creating a massive pile of mixed materials out of demolishing a building, you can separate valuable materials like hardware fixtures and masonry materials. With a systemic and careful removal of materials from buildings, they can be used.

What are the construction waste materials that can be recycled by junk removal Minneapolis?

  • From roofing, wood can be reclaimed and used in other construction and even furniture.
  • Wood from decks can be treated with copper arsenate and used
  • Asphalt, and masonry components can be recycled into new Asphalt and concrete products.
  • Metals like brass, copper, and steel are valuable commodities to recover and are in demand in the current market.

Yes recycling and repurposing by junk removal MN does make a real difference.

Sit and relax, and the professional junk cleaners will handle the construction laborious issues that may arise.  Give Junk Happens a call to get started.